Elderly people virtually cycle past their homes

Our unique technology combines a traditional fitness machine with software to offer users a unique experience. Cycling along routes they know from their childhood or to exotic destinations that they only saw in magazines. A meaningful physical activity that contributes to improving the quality of life.

Much has changed recently in the healthcare sector. An occupational therapist is not only ergo anymore, a physiotherapist does more than just physiotherapy and the tasks of the maintenance team are no longer limited to cleaning! Everyone works together to answer the question of care as personalized as possible. Less and less people start from regulations, but rather from the needs and wishes of the person in need of care themselves.

Of course, everywhere a lot of importance is attached to keeping our elderly people active or reactivating them, because exercise is important once! Not only for the physical health, but also for the cognitive and social well-being of the residents. And that is exactly what we have made our mission!

active aging

Personalized care

Where we initially intended to motivate people to keep moving - and succeeded in doing so - we now find that the cognitive and social aspect of the activity has become at least as essential as the physical one! Of course it remains important to keep the muscles fit, but retrieving all those wonderful memories and then sharing them with the other people around you makes everything so much nicer, more pleasant and more meaningful.

Memoride offers this unique experience. Because our software is based on Google Streetview, we can cycle wherever you residents wish. Along the house where they used to live, through the village where they grew up or, if they wanted, climb the Mont Ventoux... the choice is up to them!
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