The Software

Tailor made Memoride software

Each new customer receives a personal account tailored to their needs.  Within this account, unlimited user profiles can be created, of course in full compliance with the privacy legislation. 

For example, you can create profiles per department, per community or even per resident or patient. This makes it very useful to sort personalized routes by profile on the one hand, and to collect interesting data on the movement behaviour of your users on the other. 

Of course, only you have access to this data!

Easy to use

We do everything we can to make and keep the software as simple as possible! In addition to the basic mode, we have paid a lot of attention to the Litemode. In the latter, the resident or patient can start his or her own route with just one press of the screen. In this way we succeed in making the work of the caregiver easier. 

Automatic updates

We are very open to feedback from our users! On the basis of this, we are constantly adapting our software to give you the most pleasant experience possible. These updates are done automatically and are part of the total package. This way you always use the latest version.
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