To go forward, you have to move

The sensor is connected to the tablet via Bluetooth. As soon as you open the Memoride App, the sensor automatically connects to the software and your resident or patient can start moving immediately. 

When the sensor detects movement, it signals the software and moves forward.  If you stop moving, the images will also stop. 

The model we're using now does not capture speed. That's to say that the images appear at the same rate regardless of the speed of movement. Research has shown that the same tempo is most obvious to all users. However, if you prefer a sensor that is sensitive to the pedalling speed, we can also provide it.

Easy to install

You can only connect one sensor per tablet, so it is useful that our model is very mobile. The way in which the sensor is set in motion, is not important. While cycling, by hand, in the sleeve, ... The possibilities are endless.
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General conditions

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