In the residential care home

In the residential care home

In the physical therapy room

Nobody doubts the importance of exercise for older people any more! Hundreds of studies show us the endless benefits of an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to motivate residents to keep moving. The creativity of the residents not to have to cycle sometimes reminds me of my own childhood, when I once didn't feel like taking the sports classes. 

But if we could turn the compulsory exercise into a pleasant and personalized experience, we might get a lot more people motivated to visit the physical therapist's room again a few times a week.  In this way, we actively contribute to the physical health of every resident!

At the ergo or animator

In addition to the importance of physical health, social and cognitive activities within the residential care home, in which reminiscence plays an important role, are also of great importance. Seeing 'old' images or recognizing places that have meant a lot to the residents invariably brings back wonderful memories that people are all too happy to share with their 'neighbours'.  

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